By Rebecca Thompson



1. CHILDRENS PERFORMING ARTS SUMMER SCHOOL accepts no liability or responsibility for any injury sustained by the student that arises from participation in any activity connected with CHILDRENS PERFORMING ARTS SUMMER SCHOOL.

 2. I authorise the staff to consent, where it is impracticable to communicate with me, to whatever medical or surgical treatment as may be deemed necessary.

3. NUT FREE POLICY – CHILDRENS PERFORMING ARTS SUMMER SCHOOL has a nut-free policy. Students are asked not to bring any food containing nut products to classes and performances. We also ask students not to share food. Parents are requested to inform CHILDRENS PERFORMING ARTS SUMMER SCHOOL in writing of any allergies their child may have.

 4. I authorise CHILDRENS PERFORMING ARTS SUMMER SCHOOL to use photographs/video taken during classes/performances for promotional purposes only.

5. If students cancel prior to the commencement of workshop then the deposit is forfeited

 6. Balance is due no later than 2nd January 2018.

 7. No refunds of deposit or balance are available once the workshop has commenced.

8. Enrolment &/or attendance at CPASS constitutes acceptance of the above terms & conditions.